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Who is Two Peas?
We are two moms who have been through tons of milestones and understand how stressful these times can be, but it's all worth it. These moments should be cherished, remembered and celebrated.

All of our designs are exclusive and original, as they were created and designed by us from concept to completion.

Who are they for?
 Mommy's Firsts Wine Bottle Covers are perfect for all baby occasions including baby showers, sprinkles and 2nd/3rd time Mom gift ideas. From an exciting addition to baby shower gift baskets, diaper cakes and new Mom gift ideas, Mommy's Firsts will put a smile on the face of all who open.

How do I gift these?

You can show them off (and be the envy of the party) in an awesome gift basket to a bridal shower, or you can bring them as a welcome home gift for the first time you're meeting your BFF's newest addition.

What are they made of?
Our Mommy's First Wine Bottle Covers are made of a spandex blend. It's soft, stretchy, and fits perfectly over standard 750ml bottles.

How many come in a pack?
Each package contains 4 wine bottle covers and our creatively designed packaging.

Are they reusable?

Yes, our wine bottle covers are reusable! Since they are made of high quality, carefully sourced durable fabric, they can be reused.

How do I put them on a bottle?
Remove the wine bottle cover from the cardboard, place over the top of the bottle and slide the cover down. The elastic at the bottom of the cover will secure under the bottle.

Are these covers exclusively for wine?
No, they can be used on a variety of bottles wine, non-alcoholic beverages and beyond.. Whether you are gifting apple cider or liquor, our wine bottle covers fit over standard size bottles.

Where is Two Peas sold?
Currently Two Peas is sold on and Amazon. Coming soon to retailers near you.

Does Two Peas have any other products available?

Two Peas is excited to continue to launch new and unique products. Connect with us on social media or join our mailing list to see the newest additions to the brand.

Do you have an idea for future products? If so send us an email to