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Because Wine & Motherhood Go Hand in Hand Mommy’s Firsts Wine Bottle Covers are a super-fun, unique gift perfect for baby showers & 2nd time Moms! Give a gift to the new Mom that celebrates her milestone moments in the first year with baby. Let’s give our new Mommy a reason to take a moment, raise a glass and savor these moments that make the best memories. Secure your place as the best gift-giver ever, because what Momma needs is something that focusses on her when her world is focused on everyone else. We want to celebrate you, new Moms! You help baby reach their milestones, but what about your  milestones? Each pack includes 4 reusable, spandex blend, delightfully designed wine bottle covers that fit easily over all standard size 750ml bottles. Milestone moments included in the set are: Mommy’s First Date Night, Full Night Sleep, Playdate and Meltdown. Include Mommy’s Firsts Wine Covers to make baby shower/new baby gift baskets and diaper cakes even more distinct and awesome. Or simply gift it in it’s adorable packaging for the new mommy to cover her own favorite bottles of liquid patience.

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