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Wine and Motherhood

Motherhood has shown me that I am a badass superhero that lives in the shadows. No one sees all that I do, but miraculously I save the world in my own home every single day. I stop spills before they happen, mediate fights between brother and sister and pack lunches that my children actually eat.  So what is a Mom to do when the world hinges on how I handle every mess, every meltdown and requires me to conquer the storm that is parenting motherhood?

I pour a glass of wine. It is amazing what a glass of Mommy Juice (what I call wine when around my kids) will do. Taking that first sip wondrously powers up my Mommy superpower of patience in the face of toddler chaos.

Motherhood is the great equalizer. No matter if you are a stay at home mommy, or working mommy, daycare mommy or nanny mommy, we are all smacked with the same daily challenges. It is up to us how we meet those challenges.

Let’s all take a moment to toast ourselves and each other, and celebrate the mommy milestones that make us laugh, cry and question how people parented before ipads.