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A Mom’s Guide To Wine Pairings

As the Mother of two toddlers, I find myself to be a sommelier of sorts. I guess you can call me a so’mom’lier... I have found the perfect wine pairings to go along with the trial and tribulations of motherhood.

Toddler meltdown by a four year-old whose overly dramatic abundance of tears is apparently contagious to the two year old, who is now also crying and trying to climb up my hip while yelling ‘Up, Up, Up!’

Pairs fabulously with a Chardonnay.

Spent 40 minutes making a healthy dinner that includes a vegetable, grain and protein for the family; served two toddlers said delicious meal who then refused to eat it. Adding insult to injury, two year-old throws plate on the floor.

Pairs well with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Toddler has been sick for second week straight. Started with a cold and has morphed into a double ear infection. Stress of trying to work from home and getting used to begging toddler to play with ipad while Mommy takes a business call from the garage.

Pairs perfectly with Pinot Grigio.

Toddler playdate at your house. Your child gets angry and hits the other child while you and playdate Mom watch the whole thing go down. Now there are two toddlers crying, two Moms acting like WrestleMania refs, and the overwhelming urge to yell at your child like you would if playdate Mom wasn’t around.

Pairs well with any white or red wine. Best served out of a red solo cup.