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Steal the Spotlight with the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

We all know the drill… you walk into the baby shower carrying your Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby gifts, and are directed to place your gift on the table filled with gifts that look exactly like the one you brought. Your gift becomes camouflaged in the backdrop of all the others wrapped alike, and eventually you realize you can’t even tell which gift is yours. And of course the Mommy-to-be knows what’s inside each gift, as she registered for everything (but bonus points to her for looking surprised with each gift she opens).

Shake things up and give a fun gift guaranteed to steal the spotlight! Whether you cover the Mom-to-be’s favorite wine in Mommy’s Firsts wine bottle covers, use in a gift basket or give Mommy’s Firsts along with your registry gift, you’ll bask in the glow of best-gift-giver status and revel in the way your unique gift gets the attention it deserves.

We believe that wine and motherhood go hand in hand, and that the new Mommy deserves a gift that celebrates her milestone moments in the first year with baby. So go ahead and give a unique gift that reminds our new Mommy to raise a glass and cheers to the moments that make memories.